Sending out-of-town floral orders is probably the most profitable aspect of the retail florist industry.  Just ask any order-gatherer!  The sending florist receives their commission, plus their "Service Charge" (usually between $5.00 and $15.00), all for only a few minutes work.  No inventory is required.  No skilled labor is required.
  • See which receiving florists in the delivery area are offering the best deals - both on commissions and prices.  Just like shopping on or!

  • Use various search parameters to find florists that meet your exact requirements.

  • Send to over 16,000 cities, towns and communities throughout the U.S.

  • Send messages to one florist or a group of florists to inquire about your special requests.

  • Save "Favorites" to be used for subsequent orders.

  • Describe floral product yourself or select product directly from their website, if available.

  • You decide if order should be forwarded or not if florist is unable to fill order.

  • Use a credit card that issues cash rebates or points (many florists pay for vacations with Frequent Flier points).

  • For a minimal fixed amount each month (or year if you choose to pay annually), you can send as many or as few orders as you want!

Receiving out-of-town floral orders is a great way to profitably utilize excess capacity.  A few additional orders a day do not require more production space, staff or delivery capabilities so they can add a lot of dollars to the bottom line quickly.
  • You receive credit / debit card information to pay for order so you get IMMEDIATE cash TODAY!  No 7 day, 14 day, 30 day waiting periods!

  • You set the commission percentage you wish to give the sending florist (from 0% to 40%).  Perhaps lower for holidays.  Perhaps higher for slower periods.

  • You set the pricing for your products.  Perhaps higher for holidays.  Perhaps lower for slower periods.

  • You set your delivery area.  Perhaps smaller for holidays.  Perhaps greater for slower periods.

  • You set the delivery cut-off time or prohibit further orders for the day entirely.

  • Include scrolling text on your ad to alert sending florists to your specials of the day.

  • Receive orders either by fax, email notification, telephone notification or text message notification.

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